Mushroom Spawn for the spring! Order now

As the weather gets the winter bite to it, we are looking towards spring here at Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms.  We are putting together our seed order for this year’s garden at the homestead and what flowers we want to plant for the bees and we are getting geared up to prepare mushroom spawn for outdoor growing.  We thank you so much for supporting us through our first year of business and when we met, you let me know you were interested in our mushroom spawn.
We would like to ensure we’ve got enough fully colonized plugs and sawdust bags ready for you when you and your logs are ready.  If you would like to pre-order your spawn to ensure we’ve got it when you want it, we would greatly appreciate it.  You don’t need to pay for your order up front, this just ensures we will have spawn for you and helps us to plan.
We are offering Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) on birch dowels or oak sawdust bags.  If you would like a custom species and have a large enough order, we are happy to grow it for you.  Get together with your friends and get inoculating!  We will have small beginner kits available at the farm and the farmers markets through spring and summer.
100 Dowels $12
500 Dowels $30
1000 Dowels $50
5lb Spawn Sawdust Bag $25
Note:  These prices do not include shipping.  If you are not local to the Worcester/Central Vermont area, let us know and we can determine shipping costs, etc.
Please email us at or call us at (802)505-1074 to order or with questions.  May the fungi be with you!
Karen & Brian Wiseman