Welcome to Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms

We are excited to announce Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms, LLC! 

We are a brand new local gourmet mushroom farm, right here in Worcester producing various strains year-round.  We know there are lots of fellow mycologists in our area that appreciate not only the tastiness and health benefits of mushrooms but also the key role that fungi play in our ecosystem.    

We are incredibly excited to have been chosen as a new full-season Outdoor Market Vendor at the Capital City Farmer's Market!!!!!   Come and meet us on Saturday mornings, 9am - 1pm and pick up some fresh gourmet mushrooms and enjoy being outside!  And as always, you can come visit us at the farm, see what we do and go home with some earthy goodness. We are grateful and honored to have this opportunity to supply gourmet mushrooms and spawn to our amazing community.  

We are cultivating Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake, and Lions Mane mushrooms and are also offering sustainably harvested Chaga.   Since we are brand new and getting all of our inventory of fresh mushrooms created, please visit our facebook page to see what we have available at the farm and for the Farmers Market.

With Gratitude,
Karen, Brian, Aidan and Corey Wiseman