Our Story

It started with a locally raised pig from a friend.  It was so good and so different from what we had been eating.  It started with a stay-at-home Dad trying a new hobby of growing mushrooms.  It started with an incredibly deep love for our children and wanting so much for them and their experience of life.  It started with a feeling that things just aren’t right.  It started with so many threads unwinding at the same time.  We decided that we wanted to weave the fabric of our lives back together in a different way; one that felt right inside and was truly inline with our values.  We decided that we wanted to be the change we want to see in the world and not just talk about it anymore. 
Family, community and love best sum up who we are.  We looked around our life and saw that we were considered successful by society’s standards, but we didn’t feel successful inside.  We didn’t feel that we were being true to our values and our children.  So we decided to make a change.
We moved to Vermont from the New Hampshire seacoast and are creating a homestead and self-sustaining lifestyle that allows us to focus on our family and our community and to live every minute of our lives to the fullest.  We took stock of our good qualities:  hard working, intelligent, creative, loving, compassionate, humourous and realized we could put all these to work for ourselves.  We could invest in ourselves and our community.  So far, the hard work has paid off and we are spending more time with our children, volunteering in our community, exercising and learning every day. 
Our mission with Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms is to provide for our family and community and to contribute to a healthy, sustainable and peaceful world.  Step-by-step, and with the help of so many knowledgeable people, we strive to create a closed-loop, self-sustaining homestead and giving back to our community.  We want to help others by providing fresh edible and medicinal mushrooms to help enhance their quality of life. 
Our mushroom farm is a combination of hi-tech science and nature.  We have a cleanroom grade laboratory to prepare top quality spawn and a custom built, temperature and humidity controlled year-round grow building.  We have put our science background to use in furthering a more balanced and healthy world.  We welcome anyone to our farm and homestead to see what we do.  We have purposefully created our farm to be open for observation.