Peaceful harvest mushrooms sent me some of their tincture when Brian read about my Fibromyalgia troubles. I decided to give it a go and post a review after a few weeks. Well, I am happy to say that it seems to be working. My pain and discomfort are in the background to say the least. There was a three day period that I forgot to take it, and I felt it on the third day. Nothing like a big bout of pain to make you remember something that worked!
— Cynthia J.
The Wiseman’s are truly some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Karen personally researched some issues I was dealing with and came up natural [tincture] for me to try. Researched, made, shipped and delivered in 48 hours. I cannot wait to try it out.
— Julia M.
Vital Lyme was gifted to me by my beautiful healer and musician Cynthia to try and assist with my Lyme Disease recovery. It has helped tremendously. Thank you!
— Lisa B.
Picked up the Lions Mane and recipe.... tried something totally new. It was a delightful dinner, thank you for all the info and your story plus offerings are WONDERFUL!
— Rebecca N.